Thursday, August 17, 2017

Snowflakes, Edging, Techniques, Flag, Candle Holder, Lucky Penny, Ice Drops, Doilies, 3D Box, Yoke and Bracelet

Sharon loaded up her shuttles with her favourite snowflake colour, Blue Ice, to help a friend tat the Betsy snowflake. She has included on her blog the steps in the snowflake's construction and after tatting the first one in size 10 thread, she did it again in size 20.

Elsa has spent her time researching old books and articles that show other lace techniques combined with tatting. This model is shown in Fig. 571 of the 2nd edition of the Encyclopedia of Works of Ladies of Therese of Dillmont, which combines tatting with crochet and she worked it with a Lizbeth 40 cord and the special lace cord DMC 80.

Melanie started this project some time ago, but it's slowly taking shape. The unusual joins of the rings to the base of the ring on the previous row gives a much more stable fabric than the typical join to the chains. The finish line is in sight, all she has to do is tat and add the stars.

Cindy was dared by Fox to try tatting a button motif and she finally did it using her favourite colours of brown and turquoise. Her first try gave her nothing but knots so she decided to try it without the beads and things were going great until she joined into the wrong hole. She did finally complete it, and now on top of fabric, beads, gems and charms she might stray into collecting buttons as well. She's still working on making lucky pennies for a few brides and babies, but having a hard time finding 2017 pennies until a kind tatter offered to send her some.

Diane tried starting a new doily, but after some foolish mistakes she left it in favour of Ice Drops, first in  Caribbean with a blue glass gem. Then in pink with a pale yellow ribbon. Followed by a Green Coral Sea and orange glass gem combo. It all started with one little motif from New Tatting by Tomoko Morimoto. Then she tatted a few more and ended up with the Hydrangea Doily in New Tatting. Caribbean blue with a pink glass gem, and pink ribbon Ice Drop. She started the Hanging Garden doily and the first round, is the most complicated. She finished the second round of the Hanging Garden doily from Tatting lace with your life and likes the way Azalea Lt and Green Coral Sea look together. She pulled out her ball of Pink Cocoa and she did crave chocolate and strawberries while tatting.

Marie finished this round and has one more to go. Now to block it. Six hours later it's all blocked out to 28.5 inches, and looking gorgeous. This pattern from Nancy, at Be-Stitched makes a lovely trinket box.

Martha is working both ends toward the middle on this yoke. Only 14 motifs to go! This is going to be spectacular.

Muskaan thinks this pattern was initially intended to be something like a bracelet or a bookmark.

Sue had these beads which she bought from Fire Mountain Gems a long time ago and wanted to make something with them.  The label on the beads says  BEAD GLASS SEA OPAL 4MM and she had Lizbeth size 40 Coral Splash on a shuttle already so off she went.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Motifs, Techniques, Ornaments and Ice Drops

Fox tatted a second Edelweiss pattern, since she missed a join and didn't have the patience to work through it, so she cut it off. Maybe we should stage an intervention and take away her scissors to help her learn to live with her mistakes. Or would that constitute cruel and unusual punishment?

Muskaan was intrigued by Ninetta's Tuft Picots and when she shared an excellent video demo & application, there was no excuse not to try it out. She tried to use them in chains and also compare them with interlocking picots, in size 40 red. She also tried out Mrs Mee’s Picots in the same sample. Here's a Comparative Study of Picots - Interlocking Picots, Mrs Mee Picots and Tuft Picots.

Sue saw a snowflake sitting by some patterns she wanted to try to tat for ornaments so she tatted the second snowflake, joining it to the other and then around the glass ornament and she loves it. Here's is her whole collection of ornaments. She finished her 12 Ice Drops. The 2 on the left are the same pattern different beads, the 2 at the top same pattern different beads, the 2 on the right same pattern different beads, which just goes to show all the variations you can get just but switching out the beads.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Bracelets, Motifs, Doilies, Snowflakes, Techniques, Ice Drops, Edging, Runner, Ornaments and Earrings

Usha has created some Rakhis with tatted centres and cords for tying. The first one features two clovers joined with an embellishment in the centre and lock stitch chains for cords, while the second features split rings with a bead in the centre. The following samples show variations with different types of cords. Her Tatting group came up with even more designs along the same lines.

Vera has enjoyed playing with Robin's Magic Square in all of it's variations, but she's going to put it aside for a while because she's interested in making a design on Facebook.

Sharon printed off the pattern to Ruth's 2008 snowflake and started tatting it, but somehow one of the arms twisted and attempts to fix it resulted in a tangled mess, so she cut it off. She finally got a finished version, but she can't see tatting multiples of it and this one will be going on her tree at home.

Melanie used a 4 ply yarn that is marketed for baby things for her cro-tat project and it seems to have worked.

Diane used the Green Coral Sea thread left on shuttles to tat an Ice Drop and this ribbon has an edging that picks up the colours in it. She tatted the centre of the Rose Cross from my Tatted Crosses book in size 20 Lizbeth, Azalea Lt., but at 2 inches across it was going to be huge. Then she pulled out this tatting magazine from 1944 and the very first pattern, #8894 was one she wanted to try using Coats and Clark's size 70, colour #8. Of course, what is a day without an Ice Drop. Another Ice Drop and some work on her edging, which is a finer thread than she has used lately. She tried an idea on this Ice Drop in size 20 Lizbeth #122, Caribbean,  adding picots on every other chain on the inside chains, but rather than being effective, it just looks like she forgot the picots. Diane started the next motif on her sister-in-law's runner, but something didn't look right. It turns out she omitted the second ring.

Fox used a handy gadget to help her tat with the very little end of thread she had to work with. Even with that, she didn't have enough thread for the last 2 repeats, so she went with the only thread choice she had. It's a close enough match that it's not too obvious. Now she's on to one of Renulek's patterns, which she's tatting in  Light Silver, Lizbeth #40.

Marie is up to round 7 on her doily and each round is getting longer and slower to finish. Round 8 is looking more polished. She took a little break to tat something quicker. Round 9 is done and only 3 more to go. Round 10 shown on light and dark backgrounds.

Sue has 10 of 12 Ice Drop ornaments done in red and white, and this one is Diane's Pink Fudge Ice Drop pattern. Diane's Rootbeer Fudge Ice Drop pattern was modified by using 3 tiny beads forced into a triangle point instead of the large bead. Her final one is Barbara's Snowflake Ice Drop pattern slightly modified. She thought this one would look good just as a snowflake, and she was right. She finally tatted a second Woodland Medallion by Robin Perfetti in size 20 Lizbeth Christmas Delight and joined it to the first around an ornament. Yarnplayer's Small Maple Leaf pattern tatted in Lizbeth size 40 Autumn Apple Pie thread makes lovely earrings.